Driving during winter weather brings challenges even to those with snowy road experience. Sometimes, it may be best to stay home rather than take risks on snow-covered surfaces. Those who do venture out into the cold and freezing weather might find driving slow, keeping a decent braking distance, and paying careful attention to improving vehicle control advisable.

Drivers benefit from thinking about suggestions, such as not stopping when going up an icy hill. Other steps are worth pondering, and these include keeping winter emergency items in the car. A waterproof jacket, emergency kit, and other items could prove helpful. So is following the best and safest route.

Routine auto maintenance helps keep a car in good shape for the road. Added considerations come into play during winter. Snow tires, for example, could improve traction.

Ask about snow tires and winter maintenance when visiting BILLY NAVARRE CHEVROLET OF SULPHUR. Our service center could assist with all manner of work requests.


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